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Swing Bed Program

If you have recently been sick or had a surgery, you know as we age recovery just doesn’t come that fast. Often times our insurance only “allows” us a certain amount of time in the hospital based on our diagnosis. So, once the hospital is ready to discharge you, “What are you suppose to do?” Lynn County Hospital Districts Swing Bed program knows exactly what to do. We offer 24/7 skilled nursing care for your illnesses and post-operative care. Our therapy departments make visits based on your needs to provide you with the education and therapy necessary to get you back on your feet. Our dietary department will provide you with healthy meals and snacks and manage your nutritional needs. We have onsite laboratory and radiology services to monitor your body as it heals. Our social services department assists in planning for your discharge. And unlike the traditional hospital stay, our activities coordinator, provides a variety of activities, including music, games, church services, and is able to assist your with your “beauty” needs.

Sounds great, right? Now you want to know “how’s this going to be paid for?” Medicare and other Medicare Advantage programs pay 100% for the first 20 days, then partial coverage from thereafter up to your 100th day depending on your deductible. The patient or their supplement will be responsible for the difference. Medicare allows 100 skilled days at a time. That doesn’t mean you will need to use them all right now. There is no minimum length of stay; it is solely based on your recovery. Once you are discharged from Swing Bed, if you are not hospitalized within the next 60 days, you regain all 100 skilled days to use when needed. We also accept commercial insurance with a skilled nursing benefit. Benefits are on a case to case basis.

So, next time you end up in the hospital from an illness or if you know you are going to have surgery, give us a call. We will make all the arrangements for you to come and get a little TLC while getting back on your feet.

For further information, please contact:

  • Kim Barnett
  • Swing Bed Coordinator
  • Phone: 806-998-4533 ext. 353
  • Email:
  • Monday thru Friday 8:00 am – 4:30 pm.
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