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Emergency Department

Pictured is one of our Emergency Rooms
Pictured is one of our Emergency Rooms

Lynn County Healthcare System Now Offers Avel eCare Emergency Services

New telemedicine services will support staff, improve patient outcomes, and expand access to care

Open 24/7, the Lynn County Healthcare System ER is equipped to handle any patient that comes through the door. However, access to a second set of eyes and ears can be beneficial in critical cases. This is why LCH has entered into a partnership with Avel eCare--a telemedicine provider that supports hospitals around the country--to receive virtual Emergency services.
At the push of a button, our local physicians and emergency room staff now have immediate, virtual access to Avel’s team of board-licensed physicians and expert nurses who specialize in emergency medicine. This will positively impact patient care in a variety of ways, including:
• Consistent Coverage: Access to board-certified emergency physicians 24 hours a day
• Access: Connects rural communities to highly trained specialists
• Timeliness: Activation of emergency transport teams as early as possible
• Second Set of Hands: Additional support during multiple emergencies
• Keep Care Local: Fewer transfers so patients can stay close to home
• Partner in Care: Collaborative approach allows local caregivers to focus exclusively on patient care

“Lynn County Healthcare System is deeply committed to ensuring members of our local community receive the best care and attention possible. We have a trusted medical team here in Lynn County who offer excellent care and our goal is to make sure these individuals have the right resources, support, and tools at their disposal to continue their great work – a goal that is met by partnering with Avel eCare,” said Melanie Richburg.
Since it was first founded in 1993 to provide expanded specialty care access to rural areas, Avel eCare has developed one of the most robust telemedicine networks in the United States. Its team of doctors, nurses, clinicians, and other medical professionals are all deeply committed to their mission of delivering high quality care to patients when and where it is needed, and currently serve more than 650 facilities across 32 states. In all, Avel has helped local care teams treat millions of patients.
“We look forward to partnering with staff at Lynn County Healthcare System to assist in delivering unmatched telemedicine services 24/7/365. Avel eCare couples sophisticated technology with a spirit of collaboration and partnership – all with the goal of improving access to quality health care,” said Doug Duskin, CEO of Avel eCare

Lynn County Healthcare System bringing Emergency Services closer to home.
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